Our Recruitment Benefits and Services

Placing permanent employees & absorbing them into your organized environment is a very difficult & serious commitment, so it’s better to choose right person to make this difficult commitment into accurate decision.

We are here to help you pick out just the right ones.

WorkHills is one of the most experienced recruitment consulting services company in Mumbai, that can offer you fast track services for hiring qualified & skilled permanent staff. Based on our experienced Knowledge we have found that client recruitment requirements usually fit into the one strategy i.e. a higher degree of thorough search and screening process. So, we offer very transparent and flexible recruitment consulting services which we believe will lead to a successful and cost effective solution to your staffing need.

We can serve you very efficient & proficient permanent recruitment consulting services across all position in IT & Non IT Industry. you rely on us to full fill your requirements for professional, mid-level experience resource or a fresher.

Why Only WorkHills for Recruitment Consulting Services?

  • Fast-track Recruitment Consulting Services.
  • Expertise in hiring process.
  • Expert recruitment team.
  • Talents Search Specialist are in MBA HR.
  • Staffing within budget.
  • Fast Transparent and flexible..

When the economy is tight and companies are distrustful to create a commitment to hire new permanent employees, a Contract to hire (C2H) arrangement is an excellent possibility. These situations additionally profit candidates throughout a recovery cycle, as well as throughout smart times. Here are some things to consider before deciding if a C2H arrangement is correct for you.

Contract To Hire agreements define a collection length of your time a contractor can work for the employer. At the end of that set period, the employer decides if the contractor will be hired as a permanent employee or dismiss the contractor.

Contract To Hire relationships work well by permitting each contractor and employer to benefit from a trial period prior to the consummation of a full time hire. The contract evaluation period usually calms uneasiness and permits for faster initial on-boarding, therefore preventing necessary company initiatives from falling behind whereas the company waits to search out the “perfect” candidate.

Benefits of WorkHills’ Recruitment Consulting Services

  • The opportunity to “Try out” a company before you commit. You get a chance to experience the culture, work environment, and job responsibilities.
  • Demonstrate your value. Working in a C2H role will give you leverage at the end of the agreement to negotiate salary and benefits because you have demonstrated your skills and value to the position during the agreement period.
  • Expert recruitment team.
  • Our specialist are in MBA HR.
  • Staffing within budget.
  • Fast, Transparent and Flexible

Structured, attracting, retaining, developing a productive workforce is master key for successful business growth. But in difficult Situation, you need to make sure that your “Recruitment Consulting” and “HR Consulting” services are delivering the best results for your organisation, in line with the broader and strong business objectives.

True competitive advantage has always come from focusing on the human aspects of the workplace, such as a strong culture, great people managers, innovation and productive environment . The proficient HR technology brings simple and standard processes from the outside in so your organization can focus on what really makes a difference and work at their peak.

Human Resource information Systems (HRIS) became one of the most important HR Technology for several businesses. Even the little, ten-person office must understand the advantages of using HRIS to be more economical. using this tool we can reduce our maximum time and efforts Human resource Management.

WorkHills is one of the most fast forward recruitment consulting services company who supports the HR technology. By using this tool, we can give you better consulting regarding HR Management.

Why only WorkHills for recruitment consulting services?

HR Departments are responsible for an extremely broad variety of issues, which are usually very specific and sensitive for the organization. This is why Company require the Recruitment Consulting services.

Head Hunting refers to the approach of finding and attracting the most effective experienced person with the specified skill set. Head Hunting involves convincing the person to affix your organization.

Head Hunting is that the method of working closely with an employer, understanding the strategic hiring and growth needs, defining the perimeters of a search, identifying the targets/ top talents at middle to top level of different organizations, making a approach to the selected targets,understanding candidates’s personal Pull/Push factors,managing and preparing clients’ and candidates’expectations and brokering of an employment contract -covering package/title/KPIs etc

Head Hunting is a specialized area within recruitment whereby the recruiter understands a specific space/industry well enough to know the key performers and players within the market.


  • Quality Profiles Speed and Flexibility
  • Cost Reduction
  • Business Growth