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Telephone Etiquette’s

Telephone is the most helpful inventions till date. Proper telephone etiquettes are necessary in communication. Answering or making a call leaves your respondent with a favourable impression of you.

  • Identify Yourself First: Using phrases such as Hello/thank you

Please/Good Morning/Good Afternoon according to the situation are essential in displaying a professional atmosphere. Never answer by using words such as “yes” or “yeah.”

  • Clarity: Do not sound overly anxious, aggressive or pushy on call. Broken phrases are never used on call. Use a clear, crisp and simple language with communicating.

  • Keep it short: While speaking on phone, you are not in front of the other party; hence it is very important to ask if the receiver has enough time to speak to you. Respect everyone’s time and make sure that the conversation gets completed within the given timeline.

  • Avoid Fillers and keep it Interesting: Filler words such as Hmm,Ummm,Uhh should be avoided deliberately. Time is valuable so respect person’s time and make sure that the conversation end with a complete note. 

  • Find some quiet place: Blaring noises, such as the television or road traffic can interfere with both your listening and communication skills, making it difficult for a conversation. 

  • Summarise, Paraphrase and close: Summarizing and paraphrasing help us to reaffirm what we have discussed and is understood correctly.  Try to end the call with a pleasantry like -“It was pleasure speaking with you” or “You have a nice day.”