AI in Recruitment

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is expeditious and emerging in Recruitment domain as well.According to 2019 data 52% of Recruiters say that half of their time goes in screening and filtering the right candidates. Henceforth finding right talent in 2019 is still dependent on Recruiter’s ability.

So How AI Will Help Recruitment

As recruitment market is buzzing with vast innovation. AI (artificial intelligence) AI will be using virtual assistant who will be resolving the problems of heavy workload and repetitive work.

The benefits of using AI for recruiters

1)Virtual assistant reduces time to-fill, Automated sourcing , screening , rediscover Candidates,Improving quality to match with the standards, increase in performance and revenue, facial expression analysis, digitized interview. 2)Diversity Hiring is the most effective in AI as 56% of people believe that discrimination will be decrease.

AI Application assistants

Chatbot’s have already grabbed the market most of the websites have an option of chat in terms of help Example: MYA , OLIVIA As knowledge, technology and design will dominate most of our work.
“AI will revolutionize Recruitment world very soon in future.”